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Yellow Fever in Brazil + Angola

SARS  (now more than a decade ago) taught us how an illness on the other side of the world can affect us. Well we are once again experiencing the impact of a disease Yellow Fever in Brazil and Angola; because of the outbreaks of Yellow Fever in these countries, the World Health organization has directed large quantifies of Yellow Fever vaccine to the health authorities in those countries  to help deal with the outbreak. Travel clinics in other parts of the world are being severely limited in their supply of vaccine. Health Canada is working on advising us of temporary solutions to assist our travellers when travelling to countries where Yellow Fever is a concern.


Huronia Travel Clinic

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Travel Clinic Fun!

Working in the Huronia Travel Clinic here in Barrie is so much fun! We get to meet the most interesting folks. Whether it’s large groups needing their consultations and vaccinations, or indivual families or couples traveling abroad. Today I saw a retired couple who are driving the Pan American highway all the way from Alaska to the tip of South America. How cool is that?

We had some very interesting discussions about what vaccines they might need including Yellow Fever (which fortunately they already had and Malaria, they are in and out of Malaria areas and of course all of the other mosquito born illnesses (Dengue, Zika etc.) that are endemic in many of the countries they are driving through. A very exciting trip!


– Laurie

Huronia Travel Clinic

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Youth + Travel

One of the great aspects of working in travel medicine is working with youth. We have a number of youth visit our clinic regularly. Most recently we had a group from a local high school in preparation for their trip to India. It is really inspirational to see how excited and involved these young students are about their upcoming  adventure.

Benefits of travel for youth

  1. Builds Confidence
  2. Allows them to step out of their comfort zone
  3. Provides sensitivity to other Cultures
  4. Education in different languages
  5. Socialization with different types of people
As you can see the benefits are very impactful and can provide tools for youth that will last a lifetime.


Be sure to visit our clinic for a consultation prior to any trip or travel.

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Happy Traveling!

-The HTC Team

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Why you should Travel in the Winter

While we would say it is ALWAYS a great time to travel. Many prefer to travel during the Winter. Winter is always a busy time for travellers. Here are just a few reasons why.


Often traveling during the off-season, hotels, airlines and resorts will offer discounted rates. Be on the look-out for great deals during non-peak travel times!


Ever heard of SADS (seasonal affective disorder)? Many people suffer from this during the winter. It’s dark, cold and lacking sun. For this reason folks want to get away from snow and head to the beach!

Don’t let the cold weather discourage your desire to travel either, but rather, embrace it and look at it as a chance to see places in a different light. The world is full of opportunities for exploration. Maybe it isn’t exactly hot and sunny everywhere right now, but hey, cold weather traveling is actually really wonderful. With boundless activities for both winter enthusiasts and warm weather lovers alike, there is something out there for every traveler!


Spring, summer, autumn, winter. No matter the season, it’s always a good time to go out and see the world! Plan your next adventure!


Remember to pack lots of  sunscreen and insect repellant with DEET. Public Health Agency of Canada website Public Health Agency of Canada has the latest on mosquito borne diseases like ZIKA. check it out.

Book a consultation with us in time for your next trip. Book an Appointment.

Happy Traveling!

-The HTC Team

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New Brand Launch

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our new website! We are proud to launch our fresh, new look with our modern, convenient online booking feature. Our clients are important to us and making our appointment booking process easier and faster is our number one priority. We know it’s tough to plan ahead in our busy lives. So now you’re able to book with us at your own convenience.

Should you have any difficulties please call us at 705.727.1116 or email us at Please note we do not accept appointment requests through email. You must use our online booking or book by phone. Thank you for your co-operation and happy travelling!

We hope to see you soon!

-HTC team

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