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The Huronia Travel Clinic remains open during the current pandemic of CoViD-19. We are sensitive to, and agree with, social distancing and trying to limit the number of patients that would be together in our waiting room. We encourage everyone to follow public health guidelines and keep up to date for this ever changing situation. We certainly understand that some patients, despite the federal government’s suggestion to limit international travel, may have essential duties overseas and need expert travel advice. We are available for that purpose. If you have an international trip planned later in the year please re-book at a later date. 

The Huronia Travel Clinic Team

March 18 2020

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Barefoot on the beach!

Who among us can’t wait to kick off our shoes and go for a barefoot walk on the beach? We are not going to say “don’t do this”, however we do have a few words of caution.

A parasite called Ancylostomatidae, part of the hook worm family, can cause a skin infection know as cutaneous larve migrans. The parasite can be excreted in the stool of cats and dogs,  where it can then be deposited in warm moist sand. If you happen to walk on infested sand, the parasite can burrow its way under your skin and cause severe swelling and itching. Symptoms can go away on their own in 2 to 4 weeks however if bothersome, treatment is available.
So prevention is always best! Look for stray cats and dogs on beaches and think about wearing water shoes or sandles when going for a walk. Wipe any part of your body that comes in contact with sand.
Are you heading on vacation soon? Huronia Travel Clinic provides individualized consultations and services to provide pre-travel advice that will help you to plan a healthy and enjoyable trip. Let our experts advise you on any health concerns with your chosen destination or what travel vaccines and prescriptions are recommended for your trip.
Book your appointment online today!
-HTC Team
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You might be escaping the winter blahs but not the flu!

You might be escaping the winter blahs but not the flu!

While flu season, for us, usually occurs during winter months, influenza occurs year round in the tropics. Health Canada recommends flu vaccine for everyone, including travelers, aged 6 months of age and older. Travelers spend time in crowded airports, planes, trains and buses which can put them in environments with an increased risk of getting the flu. True influenza is a respiratory illness and symptoms are sudden onset of high fever (39), cough and muscle aches. Other symptoms can include headache chills loss of appetite fatigue and sore throat. Children can have vomiting and diarrhea. Most people will recover form flu after 7 to 10 days, but for those with chronic illness there is a risk of severe complications such as pneumonia. The vaccine is free for all Ontarians and is available from your health care provider including pharmacists.

-the HTC Team

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Planning a trip?

Planning a trip?

Summer is often a time when folks plan a winter vacation. As planning is half the fun, researching and planning now this gives you lots of time to think about where you might want to go and what you might want to do upon arriving in your destination. Our advice for what you might need for your trip, does depends on knowing the details about your trip: exactly where in the country of destination are you going? Rural often presents slightly more risk to a traveler, urban travel has different considerations. Staying with friends and relatives, while economical can present some challenges to your health. In our travel consultation, we can help sort out these issues and more.

Happy planning and book an appointment with Huronia Travel Clinic at least 6 weeks before you leave.

-HTC team


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Mosquito-borne illness in Simcoe Muskoka

Mosquito-borne illness in Simcoe Muskoka

We often talk about mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue, Chickugunya and Zika, at our clinic particularly when folks are travelling to Africa or South East Asia. But you don’t have to travel very far to be concerned about mosquito borne illnesses. West Nile Virus (WNV) is still a concern in Simone Muskoka and through-out Ontario. If you spend any time outdoors you need to consider personal protective measures (PPM) to prevent being bitten. PPM are the only preventative strategy we have to prevent getting WNV, and tick bites too! Check out the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit website for the most current information about WNV and ticks in our community.

-HTC Team

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Routine Immunizations

You have booked your air plane ticket and car rental, bought your travel health insurance but have you checked if your routine immunizations are up to date? Travel is a great time to review your immunizations such as tetanus and measles. While here in Ontario we have high immunization coverage rates for disease like measles, many countries do not allow travel to such places when you are not protected with vaccines and can lead to what is called imported cases. Since 2015 there have been 196 cases of measles: most cases were in not up to date with measles vaccine and most were related to travel. Be safe! Book an appointment today to review your immunizations such as tetanus and measles.


Huronia Travel Clinic

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Why you should Travel in the Winter

While we would say it is ALWAYS a great time to travel. Many prefer to travel during the Winter. Winter is always a busy time for travellers. Here are just a few reasons why.


Often traveling during the off-season, hotels, airlines and resorts will offer discounted rates. Be on the look-out for great deals during non-peak travel times!


Ever heard of SADS (seasonal affective disorder)? Many people suffer from this during the winter. It’s dark, cold and lacking sun. For this reason folks want to get away from snow and head to the beach!

Don’t let the cold weather discourage your desire to travel either, but rather, embrace it and look at it as a chance to see places in a different light. The world is full of opportunities for exploration. Maybe it isn’t exactly hot and sunny everywhere right now, but hey, cold weather traveling is actually really wonderful. With boundless activities for both winter enthusiasts and warm weather lovers alike, there is something out there for every traveler!


Spring, summer, autumn, winter. No matter the season, it’s always a good time to go out and see the world! Plan your next adventure!


Remember to pack lots of  sunscreen and insect repellant with DEET. Public Health Agency of Canada website Public Health Agency of Canada has the latest on mosquito borne diseases like ZIKA. check it out.

Book a consultation with us in time for your next trip. Book an Appointment.

Happy Traveling!

-The HTC Team

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